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Solar & Battery Installation

Save up to 70% on bills

Give us some basic details about your home and we can provide a detailed survey on your home energy profile and exactly how much solar can save you.

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Flexible finance

Spread the cost monthly over 10 years

Solar made even more affordable with monthly finance options spread over a maximum of 10 years that give you savings over your panels guaranteed 25 year lifespan.

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What Are The Benefits Of Solar?

  • Save money on energy bills: Energy bills are rising, and only continuing to rise.  We have seen savings of up to 70% on energy bills for our customers throughout the UK, so when we say you can save money – you can trust us.
  • Power your home: Solar power can power everything electrical in your home.  Solar works by replacing the energy you use from the national grid with energy generated from solar panels, so you don’t need to change anything that currently runs on electricity for it to be able to run on solar power.
  • Electric vehicle charging: One of the overlooked benefits of having solar power is the practical applications.  If you have an EV and you have solar panels installed it means you can effectively charge your car for free.  Add in a storage battery system and you can charge your car overnight using solar power too.
  • Go green: Solar power is the cleanest energy source available, and one of the most renewable too.  Once solar panels are installed it means that the energy they produce is completely emission free.  So even when you factor in the carbon produced in their manufacturing process, you are using 100% clean, renewable energy in 3-5 years.

How Much Solar Save You?

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How Your Free Survey Works

Before we can even discuss the number of panels, battery sizes and pricing, there are 3 simple steps we take to make sure a solar system is suitable for you.


Qualification Call

Complete the form with some basic information so we can understand where you are in the UK and are able to contact you.


Home/Roof Assessment

We give you a quick call to run through some eligibility criteria – this is to make sure solar will actually benefit you. If we think it can, we will offer you your free home survey.



Before we visit, we will do a desktop assessment of your property and roof to give our home survey team a head start, they will add your specific usage and unit costs when they visit.

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We offer a free and no-obligation home survey to review your energy usage and spend to offer you a personalised report that demonstrates how much solar can save you.

Complete the form to receive a quick qualification call to check you are eligible and to find out more about how solar can save you.