15 years ago solar technology was not developed enough to efficiently function without direct sunlight. However now, solar panels can efficiently work in daylight hours meaning they will still generate energy during the dull winter months. In fact solar panels will work best for you when it is cold and sunny. However there are less daylight hours during the winter as we all know, making them have an overall drop in production. You can chose to have a storage battery installed to your system meaning that you will be able to harness the power of the sun during non daylight hours. The battery collects energy from your solar panels during the day for you to use during the evening. Any excess energy you do not use will automatically be sold to the national grid during peak hours generating you a tax free income.

Do solar panels still work when it is snowing heavy?

It is fairly simple, yes! Solar panels do still work when it snows. It is important to keep checking your panels to make sure there is not a build up of snow resting on them. Your panels should be installed at a slight angle which means they should not get a huge build up of snow over them. If snow does happen to settle on them they will be less efficient as the cells will not be able to collect the suns energy as they will be blocked. To clear this you will need a pole with a soft brush attached so you can reach your panels. However this should not need to happen if your panels are installed correctly.

Our top tip …

Our top tip for the winter months is to conserve the energy your household uses especially if you do not have a storage battery installed. With fewer daylight hours means less energy will be generated. We recommend that you turn off all unused appliances when not in use to conserve all of the energy you have collected throughout the day.