Solar energy has a huge beneficial impact on the environment. The sun holds great power and as you can imagine, is a massive source of endless energy. It provides a great resource into a brighter, cleaner future. Installing a solar system within your home can have a great, positive environmental impact and is also sustainable for the current growth of human development, not only in the UK, but across the world.

By moving towards a cleaner future it reduces your carbon footprint as this is one of the cleanest sources of energy readily available. By reducing your carbon footprint you are also minimising the use of fossil fuels, which helps to positively impact the damage and start to reverse the issues surrounding climate change. As more solar panels are being manufactured, it means the manufacturing costs have reduced by approximately 30%, as such, solar systems are more affordable for households.

Solar systems are now more technologically advanced, meaning they now collect and store energy from day light hours. This means you will save money all year round, as any unused energy you generate, will automatically be sold back to the grid.

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