Solar power is the energy of the future, and a storage battery is the piece of the puzzle that addresses the biggest question about solar power – how do I use it at night?

Solar panels produce electricity throughout the day, and the more sun they get, the more energy they produce.  Unfortunately, when solar panels produce the most power, usually no one is home.  Not only that, but they don’t produce any power at night.

So, what’s the solution?  We can’t all just flip our lives and schedules around to become nocturnal just so we can utilise solar power, but we all want to enjoy free, clean, renewable energy.  That’s where a solar storage battery comes in.


Is a solar battery worth it?

We certainly think a solar storage battery is worth it, and there are a lot of advantages to having one installed.  You can have them installed alongside your panels, or they can be added to your system after the fact if you already have solar panels for instance.

The greatest advantage of a solar battery is that they bridge the gap between solar panels and having to still use expensive grid energy.  Your storage battery takes any extra energy produced by your solar panels and stores it for later, when you need to use it the most.  This is how you use solar power at night – by saving the free electricity you create during the day and using it later when you have the most need for it.

Another great advantage of a storage battery is that they can sell any excess energy they have back to the national grid, making you money on energy for a change!  Using smart technology storage batteries can not only sell your energy back to the national grid, but they can also be programmed to sell it back for you at the time when the price is best to ensure you get the most for your energy.

If solar power is something you see in your future, but you have worries or concerns about how to use it when the sun goes down, rest assured that the solution is already here.