Solar Power & Electric Vehicles

At the time of writing fuel prices in the UK have risen to over £1.80 a litre for Diesel and have been as high as £1.75 a litre for petrol.  In fact, not long ago we had the first ever £2.00 a litre for fuel in the history of the UK.

With the sky rocketing price of fuel, continuing global uncertainty continuing to affect fuel prices, and growing concerns over the future of the availability of petrol and diesel fuel, people are rapidly looking for an alternative to their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

The alternative is definitely electric vehicles (EVs).  The electric vehicle revolution is coming and with 1 in 6 new cars on the road in 2022 expected to be an electric vehicle, it’s coming faster than you think.  It’s easy to see why EVs are the future, with the massive benefits they have on the environment due to low or zero emissions involved in their use, as well as the fact that they’re significantly cheaper to charge up!  Some EVs can cost anywhere from £11 for a full charge to £25 for a full charge at current energy prices – contrast that with how much it cost you last time you went to visit the pumps!

Solar Powered Charging

Most people will charge their EVs at home.  This means more and more people want to know whether you can get a solar power electric vehicle charging station?  Yes and no is the answer.  No, if you’re thinking that you will get a standalone unit in the driveway has a solar panel on the top to generate its own electricity.

Yes, if you decide the embrace the power of solar energy.  In a nutshell, solar panels take the power of the sun, and convert it into the kind of electricity you can use in your home.  So, any electricity that your home uses whilst your solar panels are producing energy will be using the energy from the sun.

The best thing about solar power is that once you have installed the panels, any electricity those panels generate is totally free, so if you wanted to charge your phone, your laptop, or your EV, it wouldn’t cost a thing as long as it uses the solar energy.  You can even add a storage battery system to your home as well, to let you use solar power to charge your EV when the sun isn’t in the sky!

Electric vehicles are without a doubt the future for motoring, and with all the renewable energy sources you could use to power your home, solar goes hand in hand with electric vehicles perfectly.