Solar panels

Solar panels have developed massively over the last 15 years. Previously solar panels will have only generated from direct sunlight. However over the years they have developed so much that they now effectively work from daylight hours. This means that they are much more accessible for households across the world, ultimately making the world a brighter, greener place to live for generations to come.

Solar and battery system

Many people have solar panels fitted to their homes. However over the years battery systems are now being installed reducing the costs of energy bills further. Our customers who have solar panel and battery systems installed are currently saving up to 70% on their energy bills across the UK. Solar batteries work by collecting the energy generated by your solar panels when you are out of the home or not using all the energy generated during the day. This means you can harness the power of the sun during the evening/non daylight hours.

Selling back to the national grid

If you decided to opt for a solar panel and battery system then you can now sell back your unused energy back to the national grid in which they have to pay you for. Your solar panels will still collect and generate energy when you are not in your home. Your battery that is connected in your system will collect and store this energy. It is then sold back to the grid at peak times.