How does a solar panels work?

Solar panels are made from a silicone semi conductor material, which convert the suns energy into electricity to be used in your home. They have electrons that are bounded to their atoms weakly. When the sun light hits the electron the atom breaks and therefore becomes part of the electric current supplying (FREE) energy to your home.

The process of solar panels…

The daylight hits the solar panels and generates an electric current. This electric current then flows through an invertor which generates the energy into the most common form of electricity. The electricity then transports from the invertor to your household appliances when needed. If not being used then your storage battery will collect the energy for you to use during non daylight hours. If you do not then use this energy stored in your battery it will be automatically sold to the national grid in which they will have to pay for.

What is a storage battery and why do I need to add one?

The solar storage battery can be added to your solar system. Collecting the suns energy for you to use during the evening/non daylight hours. By adding a solar storage battery to your system you are reducing your energy bills further as you require less energy from the national grid. increasing your energy independence.