Unfortunately this is no joke and as of today (1st April) UK energy bills are set to increase by an astonishing 54%. Millions of people are going to be feeling the effects of this price rise as the average household is going to face paying an extra £700 per year meaning the the typical energy bill is going to cost £1971. A further rise is set to take place in October 2022 sky rocketing the price to £2600 per year for the average household.

There are other options to cut your energy price rise. Installing solar panels to your home could be an option. Power your home with clean, green and cheap electricity directly from the sun and discover a world of benefits. There is no single reason that people choose to go solar, it is a decision as unique as yourself. Evergen help you on the journey and install solar and battery systems as individual as your home.

Our speciality is the installation of highly effective solar panel and battery systems tailored to your property and energy usage. This sets us apart from one size fits all installers that sell you what works for them, not what works for you. Best of all, as all solar systems are modular (number of panels, size of battery) you can get what you need without actually paying more. We also know what solar & battery won’t be for everyone – you may have invested in solar panels previously and want to add a battery. You may want a replacement system or to add to an existing system. We offer all of this and more – across the UK.

We are currently saving our customers across the UK up to 70% on their energy bills.