What is the UK energy crisis?

The current rise of energy bills has shocked the nation as they are due to sky rocket over the next 3 years. Many in the UK are currently struggling to pay their energy bills and that is before they increase, meaning the majority of households are going to face major crisis on being able to afford basic living costs. For many UK households energy bills are set to inflate by an average 50% from April 2022, meaning all of our energy bills are going to be on a steady rise, with the next spike expected to hit in October 2022.

Below we have put together some tips to keep your energy bills lower:

  • We recommend insulating your home which means filling cracks around doors, windows and between floorboards so you are not wasting money on your heating.
  • If replacing household items then make sure to check the energy ratings before hand.
  • Enquire into solar panels and a storage battery system to be fitted to your home.

How can Evergen help?

Our solar panel and battery system is perfect for those needing to save money on their increasing energy bills. Installing the solar and battery system you can be set to save up to 70% on your energy bill. The storage battery is there to harness the power of the sun during non daylight hours. The newest generation of technology has meant that solar energy now works on daylight hours and not direct sun light unlike 15 years ago.

If you would like some more information regarding solar system installation then please contact our team today.