Green energy is a generated by natural sources for example, wind, sun & water. These types of sources are all renewable and do not harm the environment by letting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere unlike non renewable sources. Green energy is sustainable for human growth across the world and will not run out, meaning it is endless. These resources are an alternative to the non sustainable energy sources that increase climate change.

The future of renewable energy

As the current growth of human population rises, so does the energy demand. The future of the world running from renewable sources is developing everyday. See below to see read about the fastest most effective way to generate energy for your household.

Advantages of the most effective renewable energy source: solar power!

Solar energy is the most effective renewable energy source generated from sun power. Solar systems are on the rise and more accessible than ever to generate renewable energy saving the planet for generations to come. As well as reducing your energy bills which are currently increasing through the year 2022. Solar panels require little maintenance as they are installed at angle so dirt, rain and snow tends to run straight off of them. Gain energy independence especially if you install a storage battery as well to your system which means you are harnessing the power of the sun during non daylight hours which reduces your intake from the national grid.