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Once you know how solar and battery systems work it becomes a lot easier to understand why they can offer such large savings on energy bills.

24hr Solar Power

The power of the sun, now available at night. Science fact, not fiction.

A modern solar panel and battery system offers a completely different set of benefits to traditional solar panel only installations. Designed to provide homeowners with cheap electricity when it is most needed, solar and battery installations are transforming personal energy generation.

From sun,
to socket,
to savings!

The elements that make it all happen.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on the roof produce electricity during daylight hours (yes, even without direct sunlight) which can power your home and charge your storage battery.

Storage Batteries

Your storage battery powers your home when the solar panels are not producing electricity, rather than using expensive power purchased from the grid.

Smart Export Guarantee

If you ever produce more power than your home is using or your battery can store, the excess can be sold to the grid – with many energy companies offering excellent (and ever increasing) prices.

How Much Can Solar Save You?

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In Depth Guides

Solar Panels

Find out exactly how Solar Panels generate energy from daylight to give you savings.

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Storage Batteries

Store the power of the sun in a storage battery to utilise your panels even when it’s dark.

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Smart Export Guarantee

Find out exactly why surplus generation of power is valuable – even without the Feed-In Tariff.

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