How Solar Panels


There have been huge changes in solar panel design over the last decade with modern panels being smaller, lighter and producing more energy than ever before.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are made from a series of solar cells that each capture light from the sun and turn it into free electricity.  This is how you save money with solar panels.

A solar panel system works by taking energy from the sun as DC (Direct Current) electricity and turning it into the AC (Alternating Current) electricity needed by your home via an inverter, giving you the power you need to run your appliances. This conversion of sunlight to electricity is known as a photovoltaic effect.

The panels themselves are made of a series of semiconductors that absorb the sunlight and convert it directly to electricity. These cells are put together in a single frame that forms the solar panel, then your panels are put together along with your larger frame, brackets, inverter etc. and they form your solar panel system.

Solar panel systems on their own are great, but they truly come into their own when you add in their other half, the storage battery system.  It is this combination of a storage battery and solar panels that will save you the most money, savings of up to 70% on your energy bills.

How Much Can Solar Save You?

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So, do you have enough Sun?

Most people want to know how solar panels work when there is no sun, especially since the UK isn’t exactly famed for never raining, is it?  Now that technology has grown, evolved and moved on, it is no longer the case that solar panels need direct sunlight to generate electricity.

15 years ago, solar panels needed direct sunlight to function well.  Nowadays solar panels work even on cloudy days with no sun hitting them, as long as it’s daylight.  This means that even on those cloudy days, the light from the sun is still being absorbed by the panels and letting them work their magic.  Not only that, but modern solar panels can produce more electricity from a lower amount of space, with current panel designs capable of achieving 400 watt per solar panel.  So, unless the stars are out, your panels are always working to generate electricity for you!

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