How Storage Batteries


One of the single most important changes in solar for decades is the development of storage batteries, giving you free electricity when you need it most.

Harness the Power of the Sun

Your solar panels produce the most electricity at the times you need it the least, a storage battery keeps it for when you need it most.

Your solar panels are going to continue producing electricity for you as long as the sun is out. The unfortunate problem is that your solar panels will produce the most electricity during the day, when your home is using practically none of that energy.

Your smart tech, your security system, fridge freezer and even your laptop when you work from home will draw their power from your solar panels directly, essentially running for free.  But, when the sun goes down and your home gets busier and the TV, the chargers, the oven, and the shower are all on, your solar panels won’t be producing that energy, and you’ll switch back to expensive grid energy.

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Store the Power of the Sun

Storage batteries work just the same as any other battery, just on a much larger scale.  Your solar panels will make sure that the energy your home is using is taken care of first, but once they do, they continue to generate electricity.  This is where your storage battery comes in.

The excess energy your solar panels generate is used to charge your solar battery, keeping it so that when your solar panels are no longer producing energy, you have free electricity still ready and waiting. You’ll take what you’ve stored in the middle of the day, when only the fridge is humming away, and use it at night when your home is at its busiest with TVs, Consoles, and the lights someone keeps leaving on are all running.

Storage batteries don’t just stop there.  They allow you to capitalise on the fact that in a lot of cases, your solar panel and battery system will produce more energy than your home needs, energy which can be sold back to the national grid and even make you money, not just save you it!

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