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Evergen offer a wide range of products and services covering solar system installations

Solar Products From Evergen

Our speciality is the installation of highly effective solar panel and battery systems tailored to your property and energy usage.

This sets us apart from one size fits all installers that sell you what works for them, not what works for you. Best of all, as all solar systems are modular (meaning the number of panels, or the size of the battery) you can get what you actually need without paying more.

We also know that a solar & battery system won’t be for everyone – you may have invested in solar panels previously and want to add a battery. You may want a replacement system, or to add to an existing system. We offer all of this and more – all with local teams, throughout the UK.

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Our Products & Services

Solar System Installation

Solar panels plus a storage battery sized to your property, offering maximum savings.

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Panel Only Installation

Solar panel only installation for those who might not require a battery or already have one installed.

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Battery Only Installation

Add a storage battery to your existing solar system and unlock the maximum savings available.

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Black Solar Panels

Optional sleek black solar panels for the design conscious customer looking for a premium look to their system.

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Solar System Expansion

Expand or replace your existing system with modern, high wattage panels to maximise energy generation.

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How Much Can Solar Save You?

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How It Works

Before we even discuss the number of panels, battery sizes and pricing, there are 3 simple steps we take to make sure a solar system is suitable for you.


Request Your Free Survey

Complete the form with some basic information so we can understand where you are in the UK and are able to contact you.


Eligibility Phone Call

We give you a quick call to run through some eligibility criteria – this is to make sure a solar system will actually benefit you. If we think it can, we will offer you your free home survey.


Desktop Roof Assessment

Before we visit, we will do a desktop assessment of your property and roof to give our home survey team a head start, they will then add your specific usage and unit costs when they visit.

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Request Free Survey

We offer a free and no-obligation home survey to review your energy usage and spend to offer you a personalised report that demonstrates how much solar can save you.

Complete the form to receive a quick qualification call to check you are eligible and to find out more about how solar can save you.