Bird proofing is a great way to reduce the risk of your solar panels being damaged by birds and rodents

Protecting your investment

Bird proofing simply means during installation a barrier is put around the gap between the solar panel and your roof which stops birds from nesting.

Due to the warmth and the solar panels being slightly raised on your roof it is prone to birds and rodents nesting underneath them. The mess caused by pigeons and rodents built up over time will reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels in generating electricity for your household.

Over time the mess caused by pigeons will erode your solar panels as well as your roof causing bigger issues in the future which may eventually lead to having to replace your solar panels or even your roof. Bird proofing is a vital stage of the installation process and we highly recommend that every house hold with solar panels also installs our bird proof barrier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add bird proofing during installation?

We do highly recommend that all of our customers opt to have bird proofing during their solar panel installation. This protects your solar panels and also your roof tiles which could be damaged due to birds and rodents creating a mess underneath your new solar panels.

Can I add bird proofing at a later date to my installation?

Yes you can chose to have bird proofing installed to your already existing solar panels. Please speak to our team today to enquire about protecting your investment.

Does having my solar panels bird proofed really protect them?

Yes, bird proofing your solar panels does protect your solar panels and roof from being damaged by birds and rodents mess.

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