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If you’re wanting to expand and add to your current solar system then we have the right options for you.

Add to your solar system, add to your savings!

There are lots of reasons to expand your existing solar system.

You could be finding that your family has grown and you need more energy supply.  Your toddlers might now be teens and they are using more electricity.  It could simply be that you have seen the rise in energy prices and want to save as much money as possible. No matter what the reason is, expanding your system is a great idea.

If you already have solar panels on your roof, and there is still space to fit more then the installation of more panels can be done fairly easily.

Not only can you add more solar panels to your system, but you can also add to your system by adding a storage battery, or increasing the size of your existing storage battery, allowing you enjoy solar power during non-daylight hours and expand your savings.

No matter what your reasons for expanding, or how you choose to expand your system, you will be joining the other customers who have seen up to 70% savings on their bills with Evergen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add to my solar system?

You may want to add to your solar system if your energy requirements have increased. Or you may want to add more solar panels to your roof to further increase the money already being saved on your current system.

If you have any questions about whether adding to your system is right for you, contact our team today who will be happy to help.

Is it better to add more solar panels or a storage battery?

If you already have solar panels installed on your roof and are looking into further ways to reduce your energy bills then there are a couple of options that could be right for you.

If you have space on your roof then we could look into adding more panels to increase the energy going into your household. A second option is to expand your solar system through a storage battery. This will allow you to continue to use solar energy throughout non daylight hours.

Do I need a storage battery?

We recommend everyone has a storage battery fitted with their solar panel system.

The storage battery can be added to your solar system, collecting solar energy through the day for you to use during non-daylight hours.

Not only that but any excess energy you do not use that is stored in your battery will be sold to the national grid at peak times, so not only are you saving money but also making it.

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