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Solar panel and battery systems are a match made in heaven for high electricity use items such as hot tubs. Discover how solar can help cut your hot top running costs.

Solar & Battery Installations

Evergen specialise in solar & battery system installations that match the requirements for your home.

Unlike other suppliers our focus is to fit a system that generates the maximum return on investment based on the energy you use.

Our solar panels have a 25 year warranty which ensures that you investment is protected and that you can be sure an Evergen system will prolong your solar savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Install a Solar & Battery System?

Solar and battery systems work together to provide you access to cheap energy 24hrs a day. Find out more about how combining solar panels and storage solutions work with our How Solar Works guide.

How Much Could I Save?

Homeowners can generally achieve savings of up to 70% on their bills when switching to solar power. However, each case is individual so we offer a free home survey to review how much energy your home uses so we match a system to your size. Find out more about your road to solar with Evergen.

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We offer a free and no-obligation home survey to review your energy usage and spend to offer you a personalised report that demonstrates how much solar can save you.

Complete the form to receive a quick qualification call to check you are eligible and to find out more about how solar can save you.