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Join over 1.5 million people plugging into the sun with solar energy and battery storage solutions from Evergen.

Feel Good Energy For Your Home

Power your home with clean, green and cheap electricity directly from the sun and discover a world of benefits.

There is no single reason that people choose to go solar, it is a decision as unique as yourself. Evergen help you on the journey and install solar and battery systems as individual as your home.

We have worked with thousands of customers and build your individual solar system based on the needs of your home and energy usage. Over the years, we have gathered a lot of feedback on why our customers started their journey to solar.

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How Much Can Solar Save You?

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How Can Solar Help You?

After over 10 years experience in fitting solar systems for customers cross the UK, we have heard plenty of stories and reasons why they chose solar for their property.

Energy Inflation

The price of energy is only going in one direction, solar can shield you from the affects of extreme price rises.

Beat Energy Inflation

Drive Electric

Your next car is highly likely to be full or hybrid electric and solar can cut the costs of motoring even more.

Charge Your Car

Electricity Savings

With realistic savings of up to 70% on bills available, solar systems can provide long lasting savings for your family.

Save On Bills

Reduce Carbon

Help the world achieve a low carbon future with solar panels which have a positive carbon effect after just 1.5 years.

Help The Planet

More Reasons To Go Solar

Air Source Heat Pumps

ASHP are viewed as the future of home heating and as they have high electricity use, solar makes them cheaper to run.

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Future Proofing

Electricity use in the home is being propelled by new technology, going solar now can prepare you for an all electric future.

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Gas Boiler Ban

Gas Boilers are being phased out by 2030 and all major alternative heating solutions utilise electricity.

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Reduce Grid Dependence

Solar isn’t ideal for being fully off grid but the right system can dramatically reduce your grid dependence.

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Investment & ROI

Solar systems return up to £40,000 over a 25 year period – on a standard size and affordable system.

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Hot Tubs

An excellent addition to any home but expensive to run when paying for costly electricity from the grid.

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How Do Solar & Battery Systems Work?

We hope that your convinced of the many great reasons to go solar – we are certain that everyone will find something that reflects their situation.

The big question is, how does solar actually work – and is it too good to be true? Modern solar and battery systems are a lot more advanced than you might think. Solar panels alone, while incredible technology, cannot achieve the savings and impacts we are highlighting.

Only fully integrated solar panel and storage battery systems can unlock the true power of the sun.

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