The electric vehicles revolution is well and truly under way and you can save even more by charging through solar panels.

Electric Vehicle Revolution

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. In April 2022 48.5% of all new registered vehicles were either Fully electric, or Hybrid Electric, 1 in 6 new cars expected to join the roads in the UK in 2022 will be Electric only, and major manufacturers including: Volvo, Ford, Cadillac, Mini, Lexus, Bentley and Rolls Royce, are all manufacturers committed to having all electric vehicle line-ups by 2030.

The UK government has announced its commitment to end the sale of new diesel and petrol-powered vehicles after 2030. Not only will this mean that all new cars and vans sold after 2030 must be electric, but soon after that all previously owned vehicles will be too.

How Much Solar Can Save You?

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Solar Powered Motoring

An electric vehicle is already a smart choice for your bills. We’ve all felt the sting of rising fuel prices, with the average price of diesel between Jan – May 2022 at £1.77 a litre. On the other hand, an electric vehicle can cost as little £5 for 100 miles of charge depending on the make and model.

An electric vehicle is a smart choice for your bills but combining it with solar powered charging is a smarter one. It’s cheaper to charge an EV than fill up a conventional car, and solar energy is cheaper than grid energy, so a solar powered electric vehicle is the best of both worlds. Especially when you add a battery system that allows you to charge overnight too.

Once EV’s are sold in the UK as standard, the cost of running yours will become incorporated into your household bills as most electric vehicles require a charging station. Investing in a solar panel and battery system now is the best way to protect you against the ever-rising costs of energy, by giving you a solar powered electric vehicle charging station.

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Green Machine

We know that the climate is changing, and we need to change now in order to try to reduce the impact of global warming, not for just ourselves, but for future generations.

A typical solar panel will save over 900Kg of CO2 per year compared to fossil fuel generated electricity, whilst electricity produced by gas will produce up to 10 times more emissions than the same KwH if it were produced by solar.

Over their lifetimes electric vehicles will produce less carbon emissions day to day than traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles. In fact over the same 19000Km a fossil fuel powered vehicle will produce 5.2 metric tonnes of emissions, vs only 2.2 metric tonnes for an electric vehicle.

The combined effects of an electric vehicle with solar charging is a huge carbon saving, and a massive way to help climate change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my car from the sun?

Solar energy could save EV owners up to £1000 per year by charging their car from their solar panels. When buying your EV you will likely install a charging station. Your solar panels will provide the power, giving you a solar powered electric vehicle charging station, letting you help to save the planet, whilst saving money too.

Do I need a storage battery to charge my car?

You don’t need to have a storage battery to charge your car if it is plugged in when your system is generating electricity. However, if you want to charge your car during non-daylight hours, then yes, you will need a storage battery installed within your system.

Will my car charge be slower compared to using energy from the grid?

No, whether you charge your car from the grid, direct solar power, or your stored energy, your electric vehicle will always charge at the rate your charger allows.

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