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The future of your home is in the 21st century, it’s power should be too.

The Electric Home

Electricity is the future of your home.  Millions of homes are powered mainly by electricity, and just like prices, that number is only going to continue to rise.

Coal powered electricity has been more or less phased out of the supply chain, and natural gas is following suit. Gas hobs went first, many modern apartment buildings don’t even have a gas supply at all, and gas boilers are not only on the decline, but will be being phased out completely in the coming years. Electricity, ideally renewable electricity will be taking over.

Solar panels are the perfect way for you to take care of your own electricity needs. Installing solar panels means you can reduce the electricity you need to buy, and a storage battery system gives you access to all the power you produce 24/7.

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The Smart Home

Smart technology is increasingly making every aspect of our lives easier and becoming integrated into our homes in ever more ingenious ways.

From doorbells and locks to lights and thermostats, and all points in between – all smart technology uses electricity to run. And smart technology needs constant electricity use to maximise its potential.

When you’re building the home of the future, you don’t want to be stuck using the power of the past. Investing in a solar panel and battery system now means you are protected against any coming changes in the energy market in future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the future hold for solar energy?

The future of solar energy is as bright as the sun that powers it. Investing in solar technology now is an investment in your home’s future. Eventually everything will be run from solar energy making the world a brighter, cleaner, and greener place to live.

Solar power is seen as being a versatile energy source, meaning no matter where you are based solar power will always be there, and eventually will be the main source of renewable energy moving forward into the future.

Solar power future projections?

The projections for the future of solar power are good. Solar power is on a continuous rise and isn’t predicted to slow down as more and more households are investing in solar power.

At the continued rate that solar energy is growing at, it is expected to reach 45% of renewable energy production by 2030 and 100% by 2033.

What does the future of solar panel technology look like?

15 years ago, solar power energy was generated from direct sunlight, meaning that households were restricted due to not having enough sun shining on their house.

Solar technology has advanced an incredible amount meaning solar power can be generated from all-natural light during daylight hours.  The new systems mean that nearly every household in the UK can have solar panels installed. The storage battery is the final piece of the puzzle for the newest generation of solar systems, which allows you to harness the power of the sun even when it has gone down.

As solar technology becomes more and more prevalent across the world, this trend will only continue, meaning that solar panels will become more advanced and even more efficient than they currently are.

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