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Gas boilers are coming to an end and will not be able to be sold or bought brand new from 2035.

Creating A Greener Place To Live

Gas boilers will be banned from installation in new builds from 2025, and by 2035 the sales of brand new boilers will also be banned.

Domestic energy use is responsible for 14% of all carbon emissions in the UK, causing the government to make their plans to phase them out of homes to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

The plans mean that any home built after 2025 will need to have a low carbon alternative heating system installed, and although you can still use your old boiler after 2035, once it needs replacing, it will need to be replaced by one of the new alternatives.

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Solar Powered Potential

Your home could still be heated by an electric boiler, or there are many better alternative ways to heat your home that are environmentally friendly, such as an Air Source Heat Pump that is not only green but can save you money on your bills.

All the prevailing new technologies that are available to heat your home are powered by electricity, making a solar panel and battery system from Evergen the perfect addition to your home. Providing you with cheap electricity that will power your new home heating system when you eventually need it, and still cutting your bills by as much as 70% in the meantime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still replace my old gas boiler, and can I replace it after 2025?

Yes, you can currently still replace your old gas boiler and will still be able to up until 2035, when new boilers will not be able to be sold/bought. However, all new build homes will already have an alternative heating solution installed from 2025.

Will gas boilers be banned from new builds?

Yes, the government has announced plans to ban the installation and use of gas boilers in new build homes from 2025.

14% of the UK’s current high level of emissions coming from domestic homes, and mostly gas boilers.  The gas boiler ban has been set out to decrease this figure.

What will be the alternative to gas boilers?

Air source heat pumps will be the best alternative to gas boilers as they have the same heating potential but are crucially run from low carbon electricity.

If you also have solar panel and storage battery system installed then this can power your air source heat pump as well, meaning you are saving money on both your energy bills and heating bills.

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