Enjoy worry free relaxation by adding a solar & battery system to power your hot tub.

Guilt Free Bathing

A huge increase in hot tub sales driven by homeowners seeking to maximise their enjoyment at home is leaving many with unaffordable energy bills.

Slipping into a hot tub on a sunny day, or in the evening to enjoy the start of the weekend is something we all appreciate.  Unfortunately, hot tubs require a constant and high supply of electricity to power the heating elements and pumps.

Installing a solar panel and storage battery system can take the worry out of your relaxation as the energy generated from your solar panels can power your hot tub instead of using expensive energy from the national grid.

By harnessing the power of the sun during daylight hours, your solar panels will generate electricity that can be used to power your home throughout the day – including your hot tub.

And the installation of a storage battery system alongside it allows you to harness that energy during the evening as well.  This will reduce your bills for powering your tub to an absolute minimum.

How Much Can Solar Save You?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Run A Hot Tub On Solar Power?

Yes you can run a hot tub on solar power if you have a solar and battery system installed in your home. As Hot Tubs heat regularly throughout the day, the constant usage of electricity can be provided by the energy your solar panels create rather than paying for expensive electricity from your supplier.

Why Are Hot Tubs Expensive To Run?

Hot tubs are expensive to run because they require a constant power source so that the heater can regularly keep the water at the target temperature. While this is still cheaper than heating cold water each time you require it, there is still a large energy requirement to keep your water warm.

When you turn on the jets, even more electricity is required to power the pumps. Solar and battery systems deliver cheap solar power around the clock which can reduce the costs.

How Much Could I Save?

Homeowners can generally achieve savings of up to 70% on their bills when switching to solar power. However, each case is individual so we offer a free home survey to review how much energy your hot tub requires – as well as the rest of your home – so we can specify a solar system to achieve the biggest savings for you.

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Is There a Cheaper Way To Power My Hot Tub?

If you are finding it expensive to run your Hot Tub and have taken all of the easy steps such as lower the temperature and adding a well insulated cover, solar panel and battery systems could be the next step to cheaper and worry free enjoyment of your hot tub.

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