Your Road to


Evergen work with you on an individual basis to create a solar & battery system that gives you maximum benefits and returns.

Why One Size Doesn't Fit All

Solar systems are modular and scalable which allows us to fit the correct size system for your needs, without adding to the cost.

This is the most important part of the road to solar – getting the correct product for you so that your return on investment is maximised. Many companies will try and sell you what they want to sell, not what you need.

Evergen work for the benefit of our customers – a solar system offering no savings is of no use to anyone. This is why we have perfected our process over the last 10 years to ensure we approach every new job in the right way.

Start Your Journey

How Your Free Survey Works

Before we can even discuss the number of panels, battery sizes and pricing, there are 3 simple steps we take to make sure a solar system is suitable for you.


Request Your Free Survey

Complete the form with some basic information so we can understand where you are in the UK and are able to contact you.


Eligibility Phone Call

We give you a quick call to run through some eligibility criteria – this is to make sure solar will actually benefit you. If we think it can, we will offer you your free home survey.


Desktop Roof Assessment

Before we visit, we will do a desktop assessment of your property and roof to give our home survey team a head start, they will add your specific usage and unit costs when they visit.

What Happens After Your Survey?

Your survey will contain a full breakdown of your current energy usage and a solar & battery system recommended for your home.

Fully EPVS validated savings figures will show you how much your panels will save you over 1 year and over their guaranteed 25 year lifespan.

You will be given a price for the system and the option of paying cash or flexible finance. A breakeven point will be given – the point at which your solar panels have saved more than they cost.

You are then in complete control and have all the knowledge to complete your solar journey if you choose.

start your journey

Request Free Survey

We offer a free and no-obligation home survey to review your energy usage and spend to offer you a personalised report that demonstrates how much solar can save you.

Complete the form to receive a quick qualification call to check you are eligible and to find out more about how solar can save you.